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Furniture Material Testing
2020/7/14 18:16:36

While the furniture industry continues to develop and grow, comfortable yet safe furniture is an important necessity of life. Most furniture importing countries have developed stringent quality and safety standards for furniture.ITC— Testing Service Co.,Ltd. provides professional and qualified furniture testing to comply with strict standards and requirements (Physical Performance Testing, Toxic and Hazardous Substance Testing, Fire Testing, and others), and with consultation services of the national and regional standards/regulations.

Main standards:

•EU REACH Regulation(1907/2006/EC)

•6 phthalates(Annex XVII of REACH Regulation)

•DMF(Annex XVII of REACH Regulation)

•Pentachlorophenol/PCP( 91/173/EEC,1999/51/EC)

•volatile organic compounds/VOCs(1999/13/EC)

•General product safety directive(2001/95/EC)

•Building product safety directive(89/106/EEC)

•EN 13986

Toxic and hazardous substance testing

•Azo test

•Heavy metal test


•Nickel release test

•Lead content test

•Colorfastness test

•VOC test

•ISTA test


All potential hazardous substances in your products

Material Category




AZO dyes

Organic tin compounds




Heavy metal


Electronic component


Paint, printing ink

Sponge materials

Wood materials

Polymer materials


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